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Our Executive Board 2007-2008 (and Founding Members)

                                Chair - Christian Ayeni

chrisI am a third year bioengineering student at the University of California, Merced. As one of the pioneering students I feel a sense of responsibility in the development of University of California, Merced. NSBE at the UC Merced allows me to fulfill this responsibility via peer mentoring, dissemination of professional development information, and promoting academic excellence. In doing these things as a general membership I believe that NSBE at UC Merced is fulfilling the NSBE National Mission: “To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers, who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community” 

Favorite Quote: “Can’t stop, got to make it!” -  Anthony Ayeni



Vice Chair - Anley E. Tefera "T"

I was born and raised in East Afirca and trasfered to UC Merced fromtisho

Utah State Universiy. I am a junior majoring in Bioengineering. I am looking forward to going to graduate school where I will work to obtain a PhD in Bioengineering in either Biomaterials or regenarative tissue. Innovation is my greatest desire and drive.





Secretary - Stephanie Sullivan

I am a junior from San Diego, California. I am majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in writing. I am part of the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), and the African American Student Association (AASA). In the future, I hope to become a general surgeon or to become a researcher of cancer or genetics.






Treasurer - Christopher Anderson - 3rd Year UC Merced Student - BioEngineering



Committee Chair - Phiet T. Doan - 3rd Year UC Merced Student - Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Applied Math.

phietI have been in different leadership organizations and enjoy my time in Service Learning with the Merced County Office of Education with the main passion is to promote math, science and engineering for K12 by creating different lab materials. I received a lot of interactions with high school students through being a part of this organization. My passion being in NSBE would be to promote engineering and have the opportunity to bring the engineering experience upon the students of the surrounding High schools in Merced county.



Publicity - AJ Watkins



Webmaster - Tony Tran Truong - 3rd Year UC Merced Student - Computer Science and Engineering









Linda Zubke

Tomikio Hale

Dean of Engineering - Jeff Wright



General Founding Members: (more will come)


Jolie M McLane - Sophomore - BioEngineering::Tissue Engineering    jolie



I am involved in NSBE (National Society of Black.Engineers) as well as SHPE (Society of Hispanic Engineers), SWE (Society of Women Engineers), and Vanguard.  I also work with middle school students and hope to motivate young students in science, math, and engineering.






Group Pictures

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